By using our services, you use the services Allo-Image in accordance with applicable law and the following general conditions

- The hosting service is reserved exclusively for Internet users have no way to host their documents.

- Allo-Image does not guarantee uninterrupted service, at any time the service may be shut down.

- Allo-Image is not responsible for files stored issued by the user.

- We are committed to doing everything in our power to counter the dissemination of images illegal and immoral and in the most serious cases, notify the appropriate authorities.

- reserves the right to remove an image for any breach of the rules of practice.

- Is regarded as breaches of the rules of use, image storage, subject to copyright laws, image attacking the privacy of a third image that glorifies drugs, cults, War, Nazism, terrorism paedophile images, and any other topic morally questionable and / or prohibited by French law. Such images are illegal and violate the laws will be immediately erased, and the IP address of the downloader will be communicated to the relevant authorities.

- In case you do not bi these terms of use, you would be allowed to benefit from the services of and your IP will automatically be blacklisted.

- All the pictures are the property of their respective authors.

- This charter can be amended at any time and shall apply from the use of any of our services. If you find an illegal use of Allo-Image, please contact us.

ATTENTION , we do not harbouring massive images, our services are not used to assist your hard drive. This service was created for people who have no space on the Internet and who do not know how to save files online in the traditional way.